How to Win on The Pokies

There are no tips that can help you win more!

First things first, you cannot possibly get insight into a method to increase your winnings when the machine  you are playing is based on a completely random algorithm referred to as a ‘Random Number Generator’ – and don’t let anyone tell you different!

HOWEVER… and this is where I introduce a but bigger than Kim Kardashian’s, because there are certain methods and techniques that when utilised do in fact increase your time spent playing the pokies AND the multiplier through which you are playing. Combining these tips with a good understanding of the pokie machine you are playing puts you in a much better position to win more often and last longer during the non win periods. This naturally increases your odds of a big win and therefore it is fair to say that these tips will indeed help you win more on the pokies…..but I already told you not to listen to anyone that makes that claim so ….. hmmm, I really didn’t think this through did I!?!


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3 Techniques to Increase Your Odds of Winning on the Pokies

  1. A big tip we give all our loyal customers is that if a pokie isn’t giving you wins, move on to another. You have seen it first hand in the pubs and although the experts claim it is not the case, we all know that pokies and slot machines have what we regulars like to call hot and cold streaks. Sometimes a pokie will be going through a phase of paying jack shit and yet we stay and continue to bet in the hope that it will “come good next hit” – but it never does.
    Pokies go through stages and have undetermined periods of time where all they do is deliver loss after loss. We know this is never fun, so our first tip is if you’re not getting wins: MOVE ON!
  2. On the flipside, watch for a pokie game that has just begun to deliver consistent wins. This means it’s entered its win mode as it needs to meet certain standards of return. So if you encounter a pokie that is beginning to give out wins, bet big, and keep playing. Pokies like to give out multiple wins close together and although it may not be this next hit, like the losing period – the winning period is still in effect and you are definitely better positioned if you continue to play similar lines but up your multiplier.
  3. Learn the machine! – Seems obvious but pokies are all based on a number of different formats, with each format having its own arrangement of bonuses and features and providing additional options for those willing to risk that little extra. By understanding how the features and bonuses work and what the value of wins are proportionate to the multiplier and number of lines paying you can better understand how to maximise your playing time and spend less coin – all through the clever use of what is bet and when.

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Huh?  If You’re Doing Your Best Pauline Hanson Then Allow me to …Explain

please explain how to win on pokies
Indian Dreaming is a land based Pokie made by Aristocrat Gaming and is one of the more popular Pokies here in Australia and is one of my preferred pokies, namely because it is laid out in the 243 pay line format common with many of Aristocrats Pokie Machines – a format that provides me with the ability to do exactly what I was talking about in point 3 above…whatever dafuq that was.When playing a 243 Line Slot Machine – pokie sorry, you have some extra options that are not normally available for traditional 20 and 25 line pokies – that being the lines that are in play and the multiplier options. Usually when playing a pokie machine you specify what lines you want to play and that’s what you get. Nothing more nothing less. But with a 243 Line format slot machine the number of lines in play provides a little change up, and an opportunity to increase your return and overall wins consistently – over the course of however long you happen to be playing Indian Dreaming.

Most players choose to play all lines and then they pick their multiplier – so if its 5 credits a line on all 243 lines then its a $1.25 bet as there are 25 paying lines within the 243 line setup (apparently – just smile and agree damnit!) – BUT (there’s Kim again) – if you choose to play the first 3 reels only then it is only 7 lines – so the same bet would cost 35c as apposed to $1.25 AND YOU STILL GET ALL THE LINES IN PLAY!

When you bet the first 3 reels, or first 4 for that matter you still get the last reels centre line active, meaning the chance of getting 5 of a kind or 4 of a kind are still there. Granted you have removed two symbols (there are only 3 symbols in the last reels not 5) but that is still a 1 in 3 chance of getting 4 or 5 of a kind. I personally choose to bet 20 credits a line and pay $1.40 per hit but when I do win even small amounts I always get more than what I bet since I am taking advantage of the full 20 multiplier (at a cost similar to a 5 credit multiplier full game player). Not only have I now managed to reduce the average cost per hit by over half, I have also increased the multiplier by 4 times (I usually bet 5 credits per line) and like my fill game playing friend who will last half the time as I will – I am still in with a chance of getting 5 of a kind – with all the benefits, features and bonuses that come with the game.

Oh and there’s one more reason why this method guarantees you will last longer and win more consistently – and its pure maths so it can’t lie 😉
In order to get 4 or 5 of a kind you need to get 3 of a kind. Obviously. Therefore the likelihood of getting 3 of a kind is naturally higher and as such playing higher multipliers for slightly less odds of 4 or 5 of a kind actually increases your odds of getting 3 of a kind – all while you are playing on a multiplier much greater than what you previously enjoyed.

how to win on australian pokies
Notice how the last two reels only highlight the middle row. This player is enjoying 7 lines at 5 credits per line – a total cost of 35c per press and yet is now enjoying a 4 Indian head pay at the full 5 credits per line = $25.00, thank you very much indeed.
do that maths and tell me I’m wrong….. you won’t because you can’t.

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Which Pokies Have The Biggest and Best Wins?


Why Online pokies of course! The average Return to Player (RTP) rate for offline or real world casinos is around 86%. The Casinos tend to set their pokies and slot machines to return payouts at around 90% so as to keep on the good side of Nevada Gaming Laws but when it comes to online pokies the average RTP rate is set at around 95% – with the lowest I have ever seen online being around 91%. This of course means a better return and more wins more often when playing online pokies and as such makes the answer a no brainer – and rather short and boring if I’m honest – so insert random stuff here and entertain yourself for a while…. or check out our range of online pokies and start playing for free and testing some of the above theories now!

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