The Langwarrin Hotel Sells Out Beretta

For a town named after an American Arms Manufacturer and one of the most widely known guns in the world, I find it disturbingly ironic that the Langwarrin Hotel are putting in place steps to ensure the future of the town is anything but peaceful and harmonious. ‘Live by the gun and die by the gun’ is a figure of speech not a metric through which one gauges success….. but somehow I don’t think the Langwarrin Hotel got that memo.

10 More Pokies for a Playground. I KID YOU NOT!

“I’ll swap you 2 fives for a tenner” is not an uncommon question to ask down at your local. Whether its for the pokies or the chip machine is beside the point, the fact is that asking someone to swap to fives for a ten is completely normal….if your talking in dollars. Makes cents.

For the Langwarrin Hotel (Beretta) however, swapping 2 fives for a ten could just as likely be the children of the local pokie addicts because a recent proposal to Victoria’s gambling regulators (that incredibly got approved) has revealed the Langwarrin Hotel’s true colours and provided the rest of the country a little insight into where their allegiances – and priorities lie.

VICTORIA’S gambling regulator has decided that the offer to build a weatherproof children’s play area at a Langwarrin pub is a significant reason to allow 10 more poker machines to be installed.
The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) ruled late last month that the Langwarrin Hotel can increase the number of pokies at its Cranbourne-Frankston Rd venue from 52 to 62 despite opposition from Frankston and Casey councils.

Peter the Pub Owner Holds a Beretta to Council…

But its the community members who will have to pay and suffer the consequences of the inescapable bullet when (not if) it comes.

As part of the application to install the extra electronic gaming machines (EGMs) hotel general manager Peter Beretta stated in a written submission that a planned upgrade of an existing children’s play area at the pub would be scaled back and unroofed “if approval for these additional gaming machines is not obtained”

Peter Beretta not only indirectly threatened the VCGLR with a less safe children’s play area, he also clearly let everyone know where he stands in terms of community and making it better. Peter is interested in one thing and one thing only – PROFITS. The fact these profits will inevitably come at the expense of honest hard working families within the Langwarrin community.

Ridiculously, Peter also stated that “the play area was designed to attract families to use the bistro and non-gaming facilities.” and yet he contradicts this whole point by making demands for pokies and threatening to scale back the children’s playground?! “If the new machines were not approved the playground construction would be scaled back to $300,000 — by removing wet weather enclosures.” Surely if the point is to attract families then your threats are cutting your nose off to spite your proverbial face! Of course Peter refused to comment or return our phone calls – liars tend to do that when you catch them out though 😉


Hotel Langwarrin prefers pokies and profits over people This isn’t Peter but I’m sure it’s exactly what he’s doing right now though

Langwarrin Hotel and the VCGLR are “Benefiting the Community”

BAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAH! sorry it’s not even slightly funny admittedly, but then when the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) say that the addition of an undercover children’s playground within the Hotel grounds and metres from the pokie machines would (and I quote) “Be a benefit for the community”

The move has been slammed by anti-gambling campaigner Tim Costello who said a community hub with pokies was “irresponsible’’, saying

“It’s as sensible as saying let’s create a social hub where people are using cocaine. It is morally irresponsible and the gaming regulator should resign,’’

Greens MP Colleen Hartland called on the Victorian gambling minister to intervene.

“This decision shows that the gambling regulator is designed to rubberstamp the industry, not protect the community. The machines are highly addictive and can create negative lifelong habits for children exposed to them.’’

Victorian government spokeswoman Holly Little said the decision was made by an independent body and was out of gambling minister Jane Garrett’s hands.

Wait! What?!? – The decision was made by an independent body? And it was out of the hands of the one person responsible for making sure decisions are made that reflect the interest of the greater good and the country as a whole?! I fail to see how this was allowed – and further more I would like to know exactly who this “independent body” is and whether it’s actually just the pet dog and budgie of the Langwarrin Hotel’s owner

The Grant and Approval in more detail:

CHILDREN USING PLAYGROUND SHOULD NOT PLAY POKIES Children demonstrate how their lives are going to be thrown upside down if more pokies are installed AND provisions are made for children at the same premises

VCGLR commissioners Helen Versey and Des Powell found “the potential benefit to the Langwarrin community to utilise a weatherproofed facility that does not already exist within the area to be reasonably significant in the circumstances” is a social benefit as part of the decision to grant the licence for more pokies at the hotel.

Creation of separate spaces for all age groups will allow children of all ages to utilise the facility, which will in turn encourage more families to make use of the premises during the day,” the commissioners declared.
TRANSLATION TO WHAT WE ALL KNOW ACTUALLY HAPPENS: Creation of a children’s play area will allow those with children and a gambling problem to spend more time feeding their habit – and less time feeding their children

Frankston Council argued in a 40-page submission to the VCGLR against the extra pokies that vulnerable problem gamblers in the pub’s low socio-economic catchment area would be at greater risk of losing more money if the EGMs were approved.
The VCGLR stated “the premises is located in an area of relative advantage” and said the hotel had “a number of protective measures in place” to identify problem gamblers.
TRANSLATION OR SIFTING OF BULLSHIT: Frankston is one of the poorest suburbs in Victoria. Even the wealthiest areas around Frankston are still listed as the most disadvantaged according to the ABS. Name one “protective measure” that the Langwarrin Hotel currently has in place to identify problem gamblers? No really… I’ll be here waiting whenever you’re ready Peter.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Misery Mo’ Money!

more pokies means more money and miseryAnnual expenditure at the Langwarrin Hotel is expected to rise by $465,879 after the 10 pokies machines are in place, according to figures provided to the VCGLR.

That’s another $465,879 for Peter Beretta and his Langwarrin Hotel – top stuff and nice going for a local business…. until you realise where that money inevitably has to come from!
What the Langwarrin Hotel is effectively doing is guaranteeing problem gamblers will lose $400,000 of money they probably don’t have and that should have gone to feeding their children and providing a good education and all the other things we take for granted here in this supposedly wonderful country of ours

The hotel advised the commission it would make annual contributions of at least $10,000 to Theodora House, a food bank charity in Langwarrin, in addition to $80,000 in contributions already made to community organisations throughout Frankston.

When asked whether improvements to a children’s play area should be a reason to grant a pokies licence or licence for additional pokies the office of Labor state government Gaming and Liquor Regulation Minister Jane Garrett noted “this was a decision made by the independent regulator”. (Again we here at put it to them to tell us exactly WHO this independent regulator was?! – and why is this not publicly known or freely available?)

Media adviser Holly Little said a statement should be attributed to a government spokesperson.

“There is strong legislation in place to clearly separate gaming areas from other areas in facilities used by families and venues are regularly inspected by the VCGLR to ensure they are complying with these standards.”

Frankston punters lost $62 million on the pokies in 2014-15 including $7,604,420 at the Langwarrin Hotel coined in by its existing 52 machines.

In making its decision to grant the pub’s request for the extra pokies the VCGLR noted Frankston is subject to a municipal limit of 954 EGMs and there are 591 existing machines in the area.

The Langwarrin Hotel’s owners face a final hurdle before the 10 additional pokies can be installed in its gaming area. Frankston councillors unanimously rejected its planning permit application for the extra machines at a public council meeting last month.

“This is where lonely people go and it’s just enticing for more money to be wasted for families,” Cr Suzette Tayler said“Children are missing out, children are going hungry. There are people who enjoy going out there for a flutter, but there are more people now who are really addicted to gaming machines and I think that really makes the family suffer.”

The Langwarrin Hotel can appeal against council’s decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Mr Beretta did not return calls from The TimesPreviously he said he did not wish to discuss the venue’s application for more pokies.

Langwarrin's Beretta Hotel - where zero fucks are given about the communiity Langwarrin’s Beretta Hotel – where zero fucks are given about the communiity

So ridiculous and outrageous was this story that the guys over at the Project TV on Channel ten actually picked it up and provided some fascinating insight into the situation through the eyes of a former addict: (Click link below)
Beretta’s Langwarrin Hotel is receiving 10 new poker machines in return for a new state of the art kids playground. Project TV spoke to a former poker machine addict to talk about this and the dangers of bringing children closer to gambling.

Children and Gambling

pokies and children are not a good mix

There is a push to ban slot machine and pokie toys for children (as pictured above)

The Project actually raise a very good point and in so doing provide even more concrete proof that Peter Beretta and his Langwarrin Hotel are so focused on pokies and the profits they will bring him he’s actually lost sight of the bigger picture. His head is shoved so far up his proverbial ass he can only see and smell his own bullshit. It sounds a lot worse than it is but sadly this is an all too common  problem these days. The Government themselves are the carriers of this disease I believe – but again don’t quote me on that 😀

Just one look at the impact gambling problems have on families is enough to show you that children should not be exposed to pokies and gambling in general – there is absolutely nothing positive to gain from doing so. Read some of the statistics from the Australian Gambling Research Centre and (if you have not already done so) you’ll see just how ethically, morally, and plain wrong this move by the Langwarrin Beretta Hotel actually is.

Impact of Problem Gambling on Families

Statistics surrounding children who are exposed to gambling – Rather frightening actually