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There are many different types of slots and pokies out there, and in most every casino you’ll find a good mix of flat top slots, progressive pokies, and even the pay to play variety. Even online gambling websites nowadays tend to have a large mix that you can choose from.

More often than not, you’ll be told that deciding which of these you should be playing is a matter of preference – but is it really?

One of the things that you’re probably most concerned about is whether or not the type of pokies you choose to play has regular payoffs. Chances are you may even have noticed that some types of slots seem to pay off more regularly than others – but is this just perception and random chance or is it really true?

Difference Between Regular Payoffs and Total Payouts

First off it is important that you realize that when you talk about ‘regular payoffs’ in relation to pokies you’re not really talking about the total payout at all. Instead you’re talking about the frequency at which it lands on winning combinations.

A good example that could happen in any casino or online gambling website is this one: Let’s say there are two games of pokies, one of which happens to land on 3 winning combinations in 6 spins and pays out 2:1 on them. On the other hand, the other game lands on 1 winning combination out of 6 spins but pays out 6:1.

Although the first game landed on winning combinations more often, at the end of the day the two ended up paying out the same amount.

So What’s the Verdict?

Basically when it comes to pokies and slots, the payout percentage determines the average total payout over the long term – and so no matter what type of game you’re playing, it is the payout percentage of that specific game that will determine the total payout.

When it comes to the frequency of how often you land on winning combinations however things aren’t so simple, and the truth is that there is no way to know for certain.

Frankly speaking, how frequently any game of pokies or slots pays out in any casino or online gambling website depends on the structure of the lookup table and how the winning combinations are structured too. This is information that is not readily available, and so you will not be able to get an answer.

Long story short, no matter what type of pokies or slots you choose to play – at the end of the day the payout percentage is the one and only factor that you can find out which should actually influence your decision!